The idea of a ministry designed to equip local churches by connecting them to apologetics resources is an idea whose time has come. I’m so grateful for Matt Burford’s unique vision and hope the Tactical Faith model becomes the norm rather than the exception. After all, the kingdom of God is bigger than Alabama!”

Founder of Selfless Defense Author/Programmer of numerous apologetics books and mobile apps

“Tactical Faith is the rare organization that seeks to benefit everyone in apologetics. They bridge the gap between the good men and women that have worked to make themselves a resource for the body of Christ and the local churches and organizations that benefit from high level teaching. Through grassroots efforts they build relationships based on trust and a shared desire to see the Kingdom expanded through reasonable discourse that allow Tactical Faith to supply the people that fit genuine needs of the audience. They do all this and are great people to boot!”
Professional Speaker, Activist and Philosopher, LTI Life Training Institute
“Matt’s work with Tactical Faith is strategically vital for strengthening the local church to face the variety of challenges to the Gospel in our culture. I’m proud to have Matt Burford as a friend and co-worker in the Kingdom of God.”
Founder and President of Stand to Reason Author of Tactics – A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions
“Tactical Faith is an idea that needs to catch fire across the country. We need one in every state! No egos. No seeking the spotlight. No desire for personal glory. Just kingdom-minded ministry that equips the local church to engage culture with the truth of the Gospel. I look forward to years of fruitful partnership with Tactical Faith.”
Student Impact Director, Stand to Reason
“I’m grateful for the care and concern of Tactical Faith to bring biblical and theological teaching into the local church. I have every reason to hope that these endeavors will serve to advance the kingdom of God in the state of Alabama and beyond.”
Associate Professor of Divinity, Beeson School of Divinity
“When I was working with Matthew Burford, I could see his passion, hard work and sensitivity as he poured everything into this project. He is a careful thinker, devoted follower of Christ, and brings together a range of different believers to work together in support of the gospel. He is also a gracious host, and I enjoyed very much my time with him and those who work with him in Tactical Faith.”Professor of New Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary