Tactical Faith is now working on helping churches, schools and small groups connect with apologists through skype.   This is a picture from a recent skype event we hosted with Dave Glander and Truth Ministries.


Our new friend Shannon Poe shows off his new materials (and his cute little one) from Stand to Reason and Biola.   Shannon lives in Birmingham and is working towards building a strong apologetic ministry in his local church and in the Birmingham area.


I met Scott Smith on the Christian Apologetics Alliance a few months ago.  He is trying to start a great apologetics ministry in Traverse City, Michigan.  A few materials from Stand to Reason will go a long way to helping him achieve his goals.

Bob from Faith Radio interviews Brain and Parker from 2cities church about their Bible Conference with Dr. Mark Gignilliat! We are so honored to be partnering with them on this event!   Thanks again to Faith Radio for all the promotion!


Brandon Flynn accepts Stand to Reasons Tactics materials for Pastor Ronnie Knight at Seman Baptist Church.  The people of Seman Baptist are blessed to have leaders that desire to train and equip God’s people! Check them out at http://www.sbcwetumpka.com

Our first resource donation as an official organization went to “Christ the King Anglican Church AMiA” in Birmingham Alabama.   The Reverend Dr. Lyle Dorsett received Tactics training materials from Stand to Reason that includes two of Greg Koukl’s Tactics books  and a DVD training set.


Check out Apologetics 315’s interview with Matthew Burford, President and Founder of Tactical Faith. Matt talks about his background and how apologetics has influenced his faith, ministries that have been a strong influence, Tactical Faith and its vision, testimonies from the work, the need for this type of organization, strategies for equipping the local church, goals for apologetic scholarships, how people can work with Tactical Faith, and more.

Click here to listen online.

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