Shalom & Change

In his book, Until Justice and Peace Embrace, Nicholas Wolterstorff asks, “Will the church, once it sees clearly that its calling is not to turn away from the social world but to work for its reformation, become an active agent of resistance to injustice and tyranny and deprivation?”

Guest Post: The myth of religious tolerance.

So why can’t we all just get along? I’m sure you’ve seen the “Coexist” bumper sticker before (see the image above): each of the letters are formed to represent a religious or other ideological view. The implication is that these ideologies have not been doing a good job of peacefully coexisting, and that world would be better if we all just got along. Is that a fair interpretation of the message being communicated here? Isn’t this also the message expressed by my friend?

We just made a tent.

So much is being said in the apologetic community right now about bi-vocational “tent makers.” I agree with the sentiment over all, even if I have my own thoughts about it that may be unique.

We’ve been doing Tactical Faith for 3 years now and have worked with tons of speakers and lots of great people. We’ve seen all the sides: full-time, academic and bi-vocational.  And, it’s no secret that these tent makers often go unnoticed, yet have fantastic things to say, and work to share with the church.

So, what does making a tent look like in the real world? Let me share a snapshot of Matt and Scott’s schedule last week: