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Gary Habermas 2012

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When: April 21st and 22nd 2013

Where: Montgomery, Al

Partnerships: First Baptist Montgomery, Faith Radio, Tactical Faith, Truth Ministries

What I remember: 
What would become the first of many events with Dr. Gary Habermas started as a weekend event in 2012 in Montgomery.  Thanks to the great Dave Glander we connected with the world’s greatest Christian philosopher and hockey coach Dr. Gary Habermas.  Dave not only provided the connection but he brought his Shroud of Turin replica out from his museum to grace the halls of First Baptist Montgomery.  Our weekend topics included near death experiences, the Shroud, Christian doubt and the resurrection of Christ.  Both Dave and Dr. Gary were both great examples of the colorful quality of the Church and both stand as wonderful testimonies to the thoughtful and caring nature of Christians.



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The ability to ultimately understand anything requires more than just the fierce determination of the will.  The starting point and the default position of any learning process must at its core be grounded in true humility.  It is humility that allows someone to correctly assess both external and internal situations.  In sports we see this play out over the life of a dedicated athlete.  When someone is young and learning a sport, they notice quickly how much their skills and knowledge are lacking especially in relation to sports heroes that are idolized.

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