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Morality as Natural: Why the “I don’t need a god to be moral” critique fails

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Rather than continue the series on the moral argument with further takeaways—they are too numerable to include in a single post, and it would begin to look silly having a 10-part series—I have decided to…

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Building a framework.

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I’ve been watching the stream of the Defending the Faith conference all week. It’s been super.

One thing that’s caught my ear during the Q & A sessions is how many times the question is asked: “How would you answer _____ objection.”

Well, of course that type of question would be asked. It’s an apologetics conference after all. But, it feels a tad bit simplistic to me. There’s something missing from that type of question and I think I know what it is.

What I think’s missing is summed up in what David Calhoun said in his talk: “We should know something about those we minister to.” And, the “something” we should know is what their belief system looks like.

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