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A slight tongue and cheek image of God Judging Adam by William Blake to juxtapose against the wrong idea of God being a narcissist.

Is God Rightfully a Narcissistic Tyrant? Power, Love, and How We Think about God (and Ourselves)

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God, Love, and Power, Part 1: Knowing God and Knowing About God This piece, which covers an issue that I think has become a prevalent problem in thinking about God, is rather long. Nevertheless, rather…

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sower of seeds

Thorny Renunciations

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The nature of apostasy and what it actually looks like is a source of conflict, division, and confusion within Christianity. To be sure, the idea of whether or not a truly born again believer, a Christian mind you, could even commit such an act is a subject of much debate.

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Hunter Street – Night Life Summer Mini-Term

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Apologetics and the Bible is the theme for our three Wednesday Night Life mini-term classes in June. Christian apologetics is how we give a defense for our faith. Join us as we tackle three questions that often arise about our faith and learn how to contend for the orthodox viewpoint reasonably and with the right character. Guest speakers are Dr. Mark Gignilliat of Beeson Divinity, author and speaker Doug Powell, and Hunter Street member and director of Tactical Faith, Matthew Burford.

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