Brian Auten

Tactical Faith and TCApologetics – Brian Auten Interview

By | Hangouts | No Comments Brian Auten talks about Ten Terms every apologist should know.  Traverse City Apologetics out of Michigan teamed  up with us to have the well know blogger speak on some of the more crucial…

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Jesus in the Temple

Approaching Truth

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Everyone wants to know one thing – “What am I going to do?” That is the burden of life. We have to be guided by some kind of idea about what would be good to do. Do I try to avoid pain? Do I pursue pleasure? Do I have duties? Who knows?

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Dr. Tim McGrew

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Grassroots Apologetic Day March 16th, 2013 You are invited to join us via live stream to Tactical Faith’s “Grassroots Apologetic Day”. We take one weekend out each year to help honor the everyman/everywoman apologist that…

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Southern Baptist Convention


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Speakers Dr. Gary Habermas – “Joy and the Resurrection” Greg Koukl – “Any Old God Won’t Do” Mary Jo Sharp – “Is the Story of Christ a Copy of the Pagan Myths?” Jeremy Howard –…

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  Dr. Gary Habermas  is an American evangelical Christian apologist, historian, and philosopher of religion. He is a prolific author, lecturer, and debater on the topic of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Habermas is considered to…

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