Gary Habermas 2016

When: January 2016 Where:  Birmingham, Al Partnerships: Union Hill Baptist Church, Southeastern Bible College, Tactical Faith What I remember:  It is always great to have Dr. Habermas in town!   Dr. Gary spoke at Union Hill Baptist on Sunday morning and … Read more

Duty and Jurisprudence

When: January  2016 Where:  Birmingham, Al Partnerships: Tactical Faith, First Baptist Church of Birmingham What I remember:  I remember this unique event at First Baptist Birmingham as being an example of how great a ministry Tactical Faith can be.  Jay … Read more


  [one_fourth] [/one_fourth][three_fourths_last] When: April 2015 Where:  Birmingham, Al Partnerships: Southeastern Bible College, Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, Dawson Memorial Baptist, Tactical Faith