Religion, Liberty and Politics:

A Muslim and a Christian Perspective. What are the Issues and Potential Answers?

Is it possible to live out 1 Peter 3:15 in today’s culture?  How do we conduct ourselves in conversations with those with different beliefs and worldviews?  Join us Wednesday the 27th as John Rankin, President of Theological Education Institute, and Radwan Masmoudi, President of the Center of the Study of Islam & Democracy, discuss their worldviews and how they apply to the United States. What are the biblical foundations for a democratic and constitutional republic, and what is their universal appeal?  Can Islam promote religious freedom and have a commitment to Sharia law?  These questions get to the heart of the major theological differences between Islam and Christianity and are very important in our Christian effort to evangelize the lost in our own culture.  Please join us for a night that not only strengthens our own knowledge but helps provide an example of how to witness with “gentleness and understanding”.

Time and Location

  • WHEN: September 27th, 6:15 PM
  • Where: Evangel Church PCA

More details coming soon.

Radwan & Rankin

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