On our board of directors is a mix of clergy and lay-persons who want to see more apologetics, theology and worldview training going on, and are working to try and make that happen.   

<strong>Matthew Burford</strong>

Matthew Burford


Transporting carbonite hostages.

<strong>Scott Smith</strong>

Scott Smith

Head of Streaming

We're really not sure whose side he's on?

<strong>Shannon Poe</strong>

Shannon Poe

Creative Director

Working on his aim.

<strong>Mark Hutton</strong>

Mark Hutton

Pastor Fellow

Staying unusually shiny and polished

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Saving the Alliance

Matthew Burford ∞ Chip Schuneman ∞ Dave Jones ∞ Mark Tucci ∞ Eric Kennedy ∞ Greg Dunn



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